March 27th, 2008

Lamar on the O2ptima Rebreather


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Lamar and Doug McKenna from Micropore talk about the invention of the O2ptima, the choice of the Micropore Extend Air cartridge and some of the latest O2ptima features at DEMA 2007.This video was originally shared on by Dive Rite with a Public Domain license.

November 12th, 2007

RBW O2ptima Rebreather Inquiries


The O2ptima manual needs a few updates. We have been working on a few items to add before making the next revision.

These include:

  1. The new Delrin HH are easy to use and have some firmware updates added, including a battery indicator.
  2. The premix rod was to be taken out of the unit, but I found that on rapid descents the premix rod is advantageous. I assumed instructors would address this until we got a new revision of the manual out. We use a new connector to help with alignment and it is easy to remove when servicing the head. The grommet should be at the base above the sensor disk so the EAC pushes against it to seal against CO2 bypass. I do not recommend putting it on top as it will surely get lost during assembly.
  3. The new quick release elbow for the premix rod has a flow restrictor to maintain a constant flow from solenoid and adjust for variations in the solenoid orifice.
  4. New accessories include an inline solenoid shutoff.

We are gathering the Micropore test data and will soon post it. I realize there are some questions since the release of the CE comparison test data just before DEMA. We have reviewed it the test data. Dive Rite is not a European company so we didn’t build the O2ptima to CE specifications. We built a CCR around new technology and based our performance on US Navy standards, something a little closer to home. We were able to build a smaller, more efficient unit than our competitors.Now that we have built a CCR on a unique platform we will start modifications to go for CE approval. The problem is that CE standards are written for older technology, but if CE standards are not updated, we will evaluate the necessary changes to meet the CE directives.

If you want to know about the performance of the O2ptima, just ask the divers using it. I am always available for a dive when you visit North Florida. You dive your unit and I will dive the O2ptima.


September 10th, 2007

O2ptima Rebreather Counterlung Placement


Work of breathing varies with CCR models. The O2ptima has the shortest breathing loop on the market and because of this we can use smaller hoses. However, with this feature comes more attention to detail. The counterlung must be mounted in the right place to take advantage of the smaller hoses. The T-piece connections and ADV must be located high on the chest just below the shoulder. If you move them any lower on the chest then WOB will increase. If you feel the WOB is too great then adjust the CL higher with the attachment straps. This is critical. Once you get the CL positioned correctly, you will find that you can breathe vertically, horizontally or upside down without a problem.