Tuesday, June 11th 2013


Hatteras Shipwreck Symposium

Runs through Sunday, June 16th, 2013 

Time & Place

12 noon to &:30 pm
Hatteras Landing Marina

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Visit www.capt-jt.com/Hatteras_Shipwreck_Symposium.html for more info

Open Water Side Mount

Runs through Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 

Time & Place

Dutch Springs

More Information

Pete Nawrocky | 757 426-9708 | Email

OW sidemount course runs the two days, 4 people max. Minimum 3 dives two hours BT, we go until the fun stops. Prerequisite certification is Advanced Diver, Course fee is $350 includes TDI cert. Quarry fees, air fills, equipment etc. not included.

  1. Open Water skills

Demonstrate proper attachment and rigging of Open water Side Mount Configuration.

  1. Descend and demonstrate proper buoyancy control, continue dive until diver is comfortable with configuration
  2. Finning techniques
  3. Valve drills
  4. Remove replace cylinders in vertical/horizontal positions.
  5. Remove and swim each cylinder while hand held minimum50 feet.
  6. Share air with out of air diver, swim minimum 100feet
  7. Ascend to 15 feet and perform safety stop for 5 minutes
  8. In water to deep to stand, hand diver each cylinder and have them properly attach cylinders while ON THE SURFACE. (It is recommended that the left hand cylinder be attached first since this regulator has the LP hose for the Buoyancy Compensator.)
  9. Maintain a consistent depth while utilizing back up buoyancy system. Swim for a minimum 15 minutes.
  10. Ascend and maintain safety stop while utilizing back up buoyancy system
  11. Share air with out of air diver swim 100 feet.
  12. Deploy surface marker or lift bag while using appropriate reels
  13. Ascend to safety stop and maintain proper trim.
  14. Swim to exit point and remove cylinders while on the surface in water to deep to stand and hand to “tender/dive boat mate.”

The Open water drills are designed to simulate conditions that open water side mount divers are expected to experience while small boat or Dive boat situations

Please contact Pete on specific equipment questions