Micropore ExtendAir Large Bore Rebreather Cartridge

The demand for Micropore ExtendAir rebreather cartridges is growing and Micropore has automated production to keep up with demand. The new EAC has a larger core for the new production process. The larger core represents approximately 5% reduction in surface area and a slight increase on work of breating, however neither affect the diver. I have already tested it in the O2ptima without any change in performance. The safety margins built into the EAC more than cover the 5% reduction in surface area so no change in usage for divers, but the computers say it is ever so slightly different. Micropore is going to release all the new test data shortly and we will have it. We have a new plug available for the premix rod so you are ready to use either style of EAC.

DRT-8-PLUG, MSRP $15.00

Rebreather Diving: O2ptima Large Bore ExtendAir Cartridge


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