Oxygen Sensors: Understanding Serial Numbers & Sensor Life

Oxygen sensors have a finite life. Learn how to understand the date code and avoid diving with aged sensors.by Mark Colonnese

Understanding the date code emodied in the serial number is critical to determining the age or manufacture date of a sensor, maximizing the benefit of the warranty period. The serial number 90734789 breaks down as follows:

  • Digit #1: 9 identifies the year of manufacture as 2009
  • Digits #2,3: 07 identifies the month of manufactue as July
  • Remaining: Sequentially issued for uniqueness

To avoid diving the aged sensors, labeling of all rebreather sensors includes a SELL BY date (4 months) and DO NOT USE AFTER date (16 months) from the month and year of manufacture specified or July 2009 in the above example.