Sidemount Diving
Divers in Tank Cave, South Australia on their way home 250m/800feet from the entrance stop for a quick chat in an air pocket of exhaled bubbles.
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Why Sidemount?

WDM spent a week with us diving and learning about sidemount. Read why sidemount might be the right style of diving for you.

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Pro Tips

Get ideas and advice straight from sidemount pros and fellow aficionados.

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Nomad Instructors

Here is a growing list of Nomad sidemount instructors for both open water and technical sidemount.

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Gear tweaks, trimming out or simply wondering how to set up your sidemount regs? Get ideas in our Solution Finder.

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Watch dive adventure videos and learn about gear configuration on our Dive Rite TV Channel.

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Upstream. Downstream. Mainstream.

Sidemount diving has been around for decades in the cave diving world, but only just recently has it become mainstream to the general SCUBA market. Rebreather divers are sidemounting bailout bottles to get them away from an already cluttered chest. Backmount technical divers are sidemounting stage bottles for greater efficiency and streamlining in the water. And divers who previously had to shy away from carrying heavy twin tanks, such as small women or divers with back problems, are now able to perform technical dives due to the ease of carrying sidemount tanks to the water and donning the tanks in-water versus on land.

Dive Rite has been a part of the sidemount evolution for 25 years. Our founder, Lamar Hires, has literally written the book on sidemount diving as he authored the very first sidemount training course in existence. Over the years, Dive Rite has produced various sidemount rigs with the culmination of that experience giving birth to the Nomad.

We've brought together our cumulative experience along with teachings and ideas from our sidemounting friends to bring you the best of the best. We hope you learn everything you've ever wanted to know about sidemount diving in these pages. And if not, give us a call or come dive with us. We're all sporting buttplates, Nomads or bungees on our very own rigs and would be happy to share what we do with you.