Butt Mounting Small Canister Lights

How to properly butt mount a small canister lightby Jill Heinerth

I like to butt mount my canister light, but I see most people putting them in the wrong place. They leave them high on the kidney area and that will be the first thing to snag in a small space. I connect clips to my light using a small piece of bungee for flexibility. The light is clipped to the low end of rails, UNDERNEATH the crotch strap. The light lands literally below the butt and is profiled below my bottom. I can easily reach back and unclip it if necessary, but it my rear end fits through a space, the light will follow.

I run the light cord up my right hip and under the waist for security. If your cord is long enough, run it under the chest strap too.

Sidemount diver, John Fodor ©Jill Heinerth, IntoThePlanet.comImage of Sidemount diver, John Fodor