Dive Training
A cave diver exits through a curtain of sunrays in Mexico's Chac Mool Cenote.
Luke Baade, 2012 Photo Contest Winner


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Image of Trimix instructor Rick Kruzel explores the hull of the Dunderberg, lying in 155 feet of Lake Huron water.


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Dive Rite Instructor Corps

Dive Rite is a company of divers, explorers and dive instructors. That's why we make the gear that we do - we make it for ourselves as well as our fellow divers. We are frequently asked if we have instructors on staff and, yes we do!

Dive Rite instructors teach for local area dive shops as well as a large volume of international students who come to North Florida for world-class cavern and cave diving.

Our instructors are also area guides and can take divers who meet the proper requirements to guide-only systems, well-known dive sites or not-so-well-known sites.

If your local dive shop does not offer advanced or technical dive training OR if you simply want to refine your training in the North Florida waters, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.