Our instructors are a talented group, each with their own niche and passion. All of our instructors team teach, which gives students exposure to a variety of methods and ideas. If you have any questions, please give them a call at 386-752-1087.


Jon Bernot Starting his dive career as an avid wreck diver, Jon moved to North Florida for the sole purpose of being close to the caves. As a technical instructor and guide, he is in the water as often as possible and believes you have to maintain your dive skills aside from teaching to be a good instructor. A former small dive shop owner, Jon understands the importance of this business profile and is happy to assist Dive Rite dealers in acquiring knowledge/training to help educate their technical customers.

Mike Engle Teaching our recreational classes, Mike moonlights at the University of Florida as a staff instructor. A beach bum at heart, Mike is a cave dweller like the rest of us, yet you'll often find him diving the Florida keys, spearfishing or scalloping. Mike makes diving fun and makes sure his students don't forget to enjoy themselves.

Matt Harlan A cave diving aficionado, Matt originally was a wreck/deep instructor off the coast of Virginia. After becoming hooked on cave diving, Matt relocated and is now a Gator-fanatic. Matt teaches cave and mixed-gas diving with a focus on tried-and-true, old-school principles giving his students a solid foundation for executing technical dives.

Lamar Hires A cave diving legend, Lamar has written the book on diving (literally) having developed the very first sidemount course in existence. Lamar's thirty-plus years of exploration diving and teaching isn't the only experience he brings to his students. Lamar is passionate about dive gear and his intricate knowledge of how it should best perform means his students learn tricks of the trade only a gear-minded engineer would know. Lamar teaches all technical classes offered.


Pete Nawrocky Residing in Virginia, Pete is an avid photographer as well as instructor. You'll see his photos throughout our website and he's an excellent resource for budding u/w photographers. Pete's most popular course currently is open water sidemount. Pete actively works with Dive Rite dealers in his area to support their tech business.