Sidemount Product Manuals

Download Nomad EXP Sidemount Rig - BC4500

Nomad EXP Sidemount Rig - BC4500 - 98.0KB
User manual for the Nomad EXP Sidemount System. Updated 5.3.2011

Download Nomad JT Sidemount Rig - BC4900

Nomad JT Sidemount Rig - BC4900 - 91.6KB
User manual for the Nomad JT Sidemount Rig. Posted 5.18.2011

Download Nomad LT Sidemount Rig User Instructions

Nomad LT Sidemount Rig User Instructions - 338.0KB
Quick start guide for the Nomad LT. Posted Feb 18, 2013.

Download Nomad Weight Plate

Nomad Weight Plate - 83.3KB
BC2727 Nomad Weight Plate instruction sheet. Posted Jan 8 2013

Download Nomad XT Sidemount Rig

Nomad XT Sidemount Rig - 290.9KB
Product information for the Nomad XT Sidemount Rig. Posted Jan 30, 2013.