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Workbench 3.0.8 for the Nitek Q series computer allows users to keep their Q updated to the latest version of firmware as well as be used to set time, date, and gas mixes on the Nitek Q. Workbench software also provides dive planning and gas blending programs. A detailed logbook to upload information from previous dives is available as an optional unlock. To purchase Logbook for Workbench, please contact Dive Rite at 800-495-1046 or

Workbench 3.0.8 does have minimum system requirements to work on your PC or MAC. You must also have administrator rights on your PC or MAC. Use of Workbench 3.02 on a PC requires a minimum of Windows 7 or newer, and on MAC requires a minimum of Mountain Lion and Java.

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There is no need to re-install your Workbench [continued]

software. Updates are as follows:

If your Nitek Q is prior to version 2.0 (pre-November 2012), you will be redirected to the re-flash screen before continuing. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your Workbench and Nitek Q to the latest versions.

Nitek Q versions 2.0 (November 2012 – present) or newer users will be given the option to upgrade (recommended).

Once Workbench has been updated to version 3.02, any further updates will automatically done when your PC or MAC is connected to the internet.

Workbench 3.0.8 for MAC

Workbench 3.0.8 for Windows

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