Oil-filled for precision operation to depths of 260-feet (80m), the Dive Rite Compass can be worn on the wrist or mounted to any standard HP hose. It features a rotating 360-degree bezel with click stops and direct and reciprocal index points. The special design of the compass needle card and powerful magnets provides smooth movement across a wide range of motion. Large, easy-to-read numbers are displayed on the face and in the side window with index marks at 10-degree increments. For a lower profile, DIR enthusiasts will replace the rubber strap with shock cord bungee (see photo).

  • Oil-filled provides precision accuracy
  • Mounted via a thick rubber wrist strap or hose mounting mechanism
  • 360-degree bezel with click stops that can be felt underwater
  • Needle card and magnets allow for smooth movement across a wide range of motion.
  • 6 ounces (170g)
  • Article: Gradient Factors
    Originally published in 2007 for the IANTD Tech Diving Encyclopedia, this informative article gives excellent insight into understanding decompression theory and gradient factors. Posted 7.18.2011
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    RG2745-SD Compass instruction sheet
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Wrist Slate
The Wrist Slate offers three, separate writing surfaces via three leaves that flip up for easy access



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