905 EXP Drysuit


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The tried and true 905 has just gotten better. Incorporating the same daisy chain design as our harness pockets, the new 905 EXP has two, bellows thigh pockets with daisy chain loops for attaching our line of cutting devices. Inside each pocket is a lanyard to clip off tools and keep them secure when removing them from the pocket. All new boots are a hybrid design of rubber soles and toe with a neoprene body and upper, creating a flexible, yet durable boot that is warm and comfortable. And for divers who desire specialized sizing, the 905 EXP is available for custom order.

As always, the 905 uses seams that are ultrasonically welded, not sewn. This patented seaming system guarantees a gas and watertight suit. Made from Parmasoft™ trilaminate, a three-layer material consisting of a six-ply butyl rubber core between two-ply [continued]

layers of durable polyester, the 905 is inherently waterproof. The polyester layers add additional puncture and abrasion resistance, plus the ability to stretch along with the core material. Trilaminate construction minimizes drag compared to neoprene and rubber suits. A heavy-duty YKK zipper is made to withstand the stress of repeated donning and doffing. All accessories such as thigh pockets, warm neck collar and protective knee and elbow pads come standard at no additional cost.

  • Daisy chain bellows thigh pockets with 36-inch internal lanyard
  • Warm neck collar
  • Si Tech swivel inlet valve & adjustable, automatic exhaust valves
  • Protective knee and elbow pads
  • Heavy duty latex neck seal and cone-shaped wrist seals
  • Hybrid rubber and neoprene boots
  • Internal suspenders
  • Protective dry bag and standard 31-inch drysuit inflation hose
  • Optional EX2744EQ Balanced Relief Valve, sold separately


Balanced Relief Valve
Newly designed in 2012, our Balance Relief Valve is avcritical accessory for any drysuit diver, especially on long dives

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