Lift Bag

#LB1905, #LB1907

Salvage divers, underwater archaeologists or anyone who needs to recover a heavy underwater object will appreciate the design of our lift bag. Its trapezoidal shape means more air at the top, creating a shorter, lower profile bag that is ideal for inflation inside tight spaces. Intended for lifting heavy objects, our Lift Bag contains an internal dump valve with pull cord that is used by the diver ascending with the bag to control ascent rate. Open design means air will vent out the bottom in case of a rapid ascent. Self-storage pocket makes stowing and carrying the bag a cinch. Available in ANSI safety orange 100lb (LB1905) or 50lb (LB1907). Made in the U.S.A.

  • 1000 denier cordura laminated with 5 mil of urethane
  • RF welded seams
  • Marine-grade stainless steel grommets


Titanium Shears - Daisy Chain Clip
Popular with divers for heavier cutting purposes, the titanium plated shears will easily cut thru just about any entanglement

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