Corrugated Hoses

#BC2807, #BC2100, #BC2099

All Dive Rite wings come with the option of a 12-inch, 16-inch or 22-inch corrugated inflation hose with elbow or a 16-inch corrugated inflation hose with rapid exhaust (pull dump). A 12-inch rapid exhaust hose is available on request. Occasionally, divers find that they need to change the hose on their aircell for a different dive application. Divers who wear double back mounted tanks often prefer hoses with a low profile elbow that doesn't interfere with a regulator connection to the tank manifold. Many times, coldwater divers desire the longer 16-inch hose to reach past bulky exposure protection. Warm water divers frequently select the shorter 12-inch hose, unless they are large in stature. Recreational divers can benefit from the 16-inch rapid exhaust hose with convenient "pull dump" as well as conventional overhead exhaust. Made in the U.S.A.




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