Custom Cord Length


Our canister lights come standard with a 48-inch (1.2 m) light cord, which is ideal for most technical divers who waist mount their lights. Some applications, however, require a slightly longer cord, such as when butt-mounting the RX2 Slimline for sidemount or rebreathers. We recommend a 60-inch (1.5 m) cord for these applications.

Female divers or those of small stature may also want a shorter-than-standard light cord at 44-inches (1.1 m) or less. The sky's the limit when it comes to light cord length. Just have your Dive Rite dealer tell us what you need and we'll do it.

Dive Rite can retrofit an existing canister light with a custom cord for a small parts and labor fee. Contact our Service Department at for a custom quote.

Please note the cord lengths given above are unfinished lengths where we cut the cord prior to assembly. [continued]

Once the cord is installed in the light the final length about 4 inches shorter. Be sure to specify what length you want from light head to canister and we'll do the final math.


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