RX8 Rechargeable Handheld Light


Looking for the power of a canister light, but don't want the canister? The RX-8 LED Handheld Primary Light boasts a massive light output of 14,000 Lux starting out with gradual taper down to 5,000 Lux over the course of 3 hrs. With a well defined hot spot and a large halo on the light beam, the RX-8 is makes an ideal primary light for all types of diving. The RX-8 is a powerful LED light housed in a hard-coated machined aluminum head and Delrin body. Both the head and body are knurled for additional grip with or without gloves. An internal rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery, with included Smart Charger, powers the light for 3 hours with primary quality output . After the 3 hours primary light the RX8 will continue to burn for almost 24 hours, never leaving you in the dark. Simple twist activation can easily be done by divers using the thickest of gloves. A double o-ring seal provides an additional margin of safety [continued]

against flooding. The RX-8 comes standard with Dive Rite's exclusive soft handmount with QRM mounting system. Made in the USA.

    Dimensions: 7" x 2.25" (17.8cm x 5.8cm)

    Weight: 1.7 lb (771 g), including soft handmount with QRM

    Battery: 6v Nickel Metal Hydride

    Charger: Universal Smart Charger with stereo plug. 110v cord included.

    Light Output: 14,000 Lux starting output with gradual taper to 5,000 Lux over 3 hours (See Light Output Chart in Downloads)

    Beam Angle: 8 degrees

    Depth rating: 500ft (152m)

    Made in USA

  • Regularly inspect body o-rings for debris or damage. Any debris should be removed before assembly. Damaged o-rings should be replaced immediately. O-rings should be coated with a light sheen of silicone grease.
  • After twisting to de-activate the light, turn an additional 1/4 turn to prevent the light from inadvertently powering on due to bumping or pressure. The additional 1/4 turn after the light has de-activated will not pose a flooding risk.
  • NOTE: Continuing to twist the body of the light away from the head past the additional 1/4 turn can result in flooding.
  • Universal Smart Charger factory setting is 1.2A. The battery will charge on the 0.6A setting, but will charge at a slower rate.



Soft Handmount with QRM
Fits like a glove, even with gloves

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