Rite Source Octo


Perfect for streamlining, the Rite Source BC Integrated Octo is a second stage regulator and buoyancy compensator inflator all in one. This regulator can be assembled on any BC and eliminates the need for a back up regulator or octopus. It is supplied with a hi-flow quick coupling hose that replaces your standard low pressure inflator hose. Large buttons are easy to operate and their different shapes make it easy to discern one from the other and prevent accidental inflation or venting. When needed, the Rite Source breathes normally as any second stage regulator would do. While breathing, the diver can simultaneously and rapidly inflate the BC as well as deflate, or orally inflate, as you would on any standard inflator mechanism. CE EN 250 approved.

  • Downstream, unbalanced second stage valve provides reliable performance and low maintenance
  • Air-balanced power inflator valve gives reliable operation regardless of tank pressure
  • Sixteen inch corrugated hose with rapid exhaust pull dump and 27-inch low pressure hose with high volume quick disconnect fitting and 3/8-inch thread
  • 1.5lb (680g)


TravelPac BCD
The TravelPac is a recreational BCD for warm water diving where minimal weight is required

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