Compact Brass SPG


When simplicity and streamlining is key, such as technical diving or remote dive travel, our Compact SPG delivers. It is calibrated to 5000-psi in 100-psi increments and comes Nitrox ready. Featuring a chrome-plated brass housing and a Bourdon tube mechanism, the Compact SPG has the greatest degree of accuracy and reliability. The luminescent dial makes it easier to read in low light situations. The Compact SPG is available housed inside a protective rubber boot with a 32-inch high pressure hose or a 6-inch high pressure hose. Preferred for its simplicity by many technical divers or divers who follow the DIR training philosophy, a naked SPG is also available without a boot or a hose. Available in PSI or BAR.

  • Available housed inside a protective rubber boot with a 32-inch or 6-inch hose, or without a boot and hose.
  • Calibrated to 5000-psi in 100-psi increments (300 bar in 10 bar increments).
  • Nitrox ready.
  • Chrome-plated brass housing.
  • 1.5-inch (3.8 cm) diameter scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate face.
  • 14 ounces (.39 kgs)
  • Standard hose length for single-tank divers is 32-inches.
  • Standard hose length for technical divers with backmount double tanks is 24-inches. Stage bottle standard hose length is 9 or 6 inches. Sidemount standard hose length is also 9 or 6 inches.


HP Gauge Hoses
We carry only the highest quality breathing hoses from the name brand manufacturer right here in the USA. The fittings are made according to strict specifications out of quality half-hard brass from reputable suppliers, and our hoses use chrome plating, not nickel



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