Hurricane Regulator


RETIRED: Nov 1, 2012

Unique to the Hurricane is its overbalanced first stage that increases interstage pressure as a diver descends to compensate for denser air. The pneumatically balanced second stage delivers air at a constant pressure so work of breathing remains effortless independent of depth. An adjustable venturi lever and inhalation resistance knob allows the diver to fine tune inhalation effort and breathing resistance based on dive conditions or diver preference. The first stage is the smallest cold-water ready regulator on the market and the Hurricane second stage is equipped with a patented heat exchanger to prevent freezing in extreme cold conditions. The Hurricane first stage contains two 7/16-inch high pressure ports and four angled 3/8-inch low pressure ports provide ease of hose configuration. The Hurricane comes standard with a 300-bar DIN connector. The Hurricane second stage features a specially designed [continued]

front cover that offers maximum protection to the diaphragm and minimizes free flow from strong currents or flow. The Hurricane features oxygen compatible o-rings and lubricants and is Nitrox-ready. The Hurricane is sold only as a complete unit as the first and second stages are factory tuned to each other for optimum performance.


    European EN250 norms: Regulator meets the European EN 250 - 1999 norms.

    • Over balanced diaphragm first stage
    • Integrated cold water anti-freeze system
    • Four angled low pressure ports (3/8-24 UN)
    • Two high pressure ports (7/16-20 UNF/ISO263)
    • Connector: 200/300 bar - 3000/4400 psi
    • Intermediate pressure: 145 PSI (9.5 bars)
    • Temperature rating: 36 to 95 F (2 to 19 C)
    • O-rings: oxygen compatible o-rings and lubricant
    • DIN connection with DIN dust cover
    • Optional RG 1225 yoke adapter available


    • Pneumatically balanced design
    • Cold water heat exchanger
    • O-rings: oxygen compatible o-rings and lubricant
    • Internal second stage valve: Balanced downstream
    • Second stage adjustment knob: Fine-tunes inhalation effort
    • [continued]
  • Extra wide exhaust tee
  • Surge protected face cover
  • 28-inch (71 cm) low-pressure hose


LP Regulator Hoses
We carry only the highest quality breathing hoses from a name brand manufacturer right here in the USA. The fittings are made according to strict specifications out of quality half-hard brass from reputable suppliers, and our hoses use chrome plating, not nickel



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