Jetstream DR


Retired: Nov 1, 2012

Now redesigned for use with a standard 3/8-inch LP regulator hose. The OP valve is now located in the first stage, freeing divers to switch hoses easily without ordering a Jetstream-specific hose.

Selected by the US Navy and NASA due to its simple construction, high performance and ease of breathing at any depth. The Xtream first stage uses a patented spherical stainless steel ball along with a soft seat material that virtually eliminates high pressure seat wear that is common in “knife edge” design seating systems. The Xtream first stage also uses a rolling diaphragm design that eliminates any restriction in movement, which creates a smooth transfer of gas from the first stage to the second stage. This rolling diaphragm design effectively creates a polymeric barrier insulating the diaphragm and gas volume so there is no need for additional environmental [continued]


The Jetstream second stage uses servo valve technology that seals the seat without the use of conventional knife edge sealing. This allows for very low inhalation effort to open the valve. The servo valve design also eliminates any need for a Venturi or adjustment knob. As the world’s premier side breather the Jetstream offers incredibly easy breathing at all depths and guarantees you enough air regardless of workload. The Jetstream can be worn on either the left or right side, making it ideal for sidemount diving.

The Jetstream first stage is equipped with a safety valve in case a high-pressure airflow should occur. This safety valve prevents the air stream from flowing out through the mouthpiece straight into your mouth as conventional downstream regulators. This construction will instead release the flowing air out into the water directly from the first stage. CE EN250 approved.

Note: The [continued]

Jetstream is sold as a complete unit (both first and second stage together). For safety reasons the second stage cannot be used with a standard downstream first stage as this would eliminate the overpressurization valve (OP valve) altogether.

  • Balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Servo assisted upstream second stage
  • Five standard 3/8-inch LP ports, two 7/16 HP ports
  • O-rings: oxygen compatible o-rings and lubricant
  • Comes with standard 3/8-inch LP hose
  • DIN to Yoke adapter sold separately
  • 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
  • The Jetstream regulator must be serviced by an authorized Dive Rite dealer who is familiar with servicing Jetstream regs OR please send your reg to us at the factory for service. The Jetstream regulator is not a field-serviceable reg for the layman.


LP Regulator Hoses
We carry only the highest quality breathing hoses from a name brand manufacturer right here in the USA. The fittings are made according to strict specifications out of quality half-hard brass from reputable suppliers, and our hoses use chrome plating, not nickel

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