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Technical diver, Fredrik Gihl on the wreck Havda, which was sunk by allied bombers in 1944, just north of Bergen, on the Norwegian coast. Lena Holm, 2012 Photo Contest Winner


Having trouble with your trim?

Need a wing that's just right for the diving challenges that you face?

Do you have a specific Dive Rite product, and want to learn more about how to configure or use it?

We've created the Solution Finder for you to use to answer these questions. This interactive resource will continue to expand over time, so be sure to bookmark this page, and come back to it often to learn more solutions to advanced and technical diving issues and challenges.

Using Dive Rite's Solution Finder

If you had a question and can't find an answer here or have an idea you think would make a good solution finder, please contact us! If we select your idea for a new solution finder, you receive a free gift as our way of saying thanks!

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