Nitek Q Logbook Software

Since launching the Nitek Q series computers, one question keeps coming up with divers - how can I combine all my dives from different electronic logbooks into one logbook?  The last thing I want is another logbook software to keep up with. I have been working with two companies to address this concern. Diving Log ( is a Windows based application that can take imports from other logbook applications and has  download capabilities for a number of computers, including Dive Rite computers . MacDive ( does the same, using the Mac platform.

Now with the Shearwater integration on the O2ptima rebreather, I wanted to get all my dives into one logbook. You don't need to unlock the logbook feature in the Nitek Q to use these programs. You can simply connect and download. Both companies stay up to date with operating system updates to keep you going.   Check it out and get all your dives together in one logbook.

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