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Breathable and waterproof, the new 905 EXP B drysuit is made from Parmatex™, a four-layer material consisting of a breathable internal layer and a durable nylon external layer. The breathable layer may sound “porous” to water, but it’s not. A breathable material means the suit has the ability to help wick moisture away from your body keeping you dryer and warmer. The design of the material makes for a very lightweight suit that provides excellent flexibility without loosing any durability. With a design cut for minimum drag, moving through the water efficiently doesn’t get any easier in a drysuit. For diving in warmer climates or in warmer water, the 905 EXP B is the right choice. For extra durability and survivability of the material, the 905 EXP B incorporates knee, elbow, and shoulder protective pads ensuring those areas of the suit hold up to the pressures of diving.

Hot seal taped seams make for an exceptional gas tight and watertight suit. With the gas in and the water out, you stay warmer and comfortable throughout the dive.

A low-profile yet heavy-duty TIZIP waterproof zipper is made to withstand the stress of repeated donning and doffing. The TIZIP construction leads the way over traditional metal zippers in its durability and ruggedness. The included lubricant keeps the zipper performing dive after dive.

The Si Tech swivel inlet valve and adjustable, automatic exhaust valve quickly and efficiently inject and exhaust gas allowing for fine tune adjusting of the suit for total comfort and buoyancy control. With the included 31-inch low-pressure inflator hose, the system is complete.

Durable latex neck and wrist seals work to keep water out even with bending and flexing. With the ability to trim the seals to size, a comfortable fit can be obtained with little effort. For extra warmth, a neoprene warm neck collar comes standard and works great with most any drysuit hood.

A hybrid design with rubber soles and toe area and a neoprene body and upper, the 905 boots provide warmth and durability yet allow for excellent flexibility creating a more comfortable and better fitting boot.

Incorporating the same daisy chain design as our harness pockets, the 905 has two bellows thigh pockets with daisy chain loops for attaching our line of cutting devices. Inside each pocket is a lanyard to clip off tools and keep them secure when removing them for use underwater.

For divers desiring a specialized suit size, the 905 EXP B is available for custom order. Every diver can dive the 905 drysuit.

Technical Details

  • Made from Parmatex™ a four-layer material with a breathable internal layer with a rugged nylon external layer
  • Hot seal taped seams
  • A cut that fits to minimize drag
  • Si Tech swivel inlet valve and adjustable, automatic exhaust valve
  • TIZIP low profile, heavy duty waterproof zipper
  • Daisy chain bellows thigh pockets with 36-inch internal lanyard
  • Heavy duty latex neck seal and cone-shaped wrist seals
  • Warm neck collar
  • Protective knee, shoulder, and elbow pads
  • Hybrid rubber and neoprene boots
  • Internal suspenders
  • Protective dry bag and standard 31-inch drysuit inflation hose

Downloads available for the Parmatex 905 EXP B

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