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Unbalanced Relief Valve


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A Relief Valve is a critical accessory for any drysuit diver, especially on long dives. Without a relief valve, divers tend to intentionally dehydrated themselves to avoid the "urge" during an extended bottom time dive. Hydration is critical to avoid decompression sickness and with our relief valves proper hydration is no longer a concern. Machined from Delrin, it is light weight so it will not add stress to drysuit material and it is corrosion resistant.

The Unbalanced model (EX2776) is more simplistic without the internal one way valve. The basic design means fewer parts to maintain and clean.

The Unbalanced Relief Valve has a hands free design with an external one way valve so the relief valve can be dived without being connected. Prime the tube before descending for a worry-free, comfortable dive. It is very important to clean your relief valve after use to prevent urinary infections. Steramine is popular for cleaning relief valves and rebreather breathing loops. Made in the U.S.A.

Note: Installation requires a standard 5/8 inch punch, Dive Rite model no EX2786TOOL. We recommend installation by a professional drysuit repair center.

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