Jared has practically been diving his whole life. Starting with breathing off his father's long hose, he had his own custom Transpac and double AL 13's at age 7. Jared has continued to grow in his diving career. He was at one point the youngest certified rebreather diver at age 15 and has been cave diving for about as long. He is an open water and OW sidemount instructor for NAUI, SDI/TDI, and NASE.

Jared has been privileged to dive all around the world. Some places he has been include caves in Russia and Mexico, the fjords in Norway, and the Red Sea in Israel.

He has grown up in the company and has worked in many different areas including production, service and sales. After going off to college at the University of Florida, Jared came back to the company (though he never really left) to take over the marketing department as well acting in the capacity of general manager.

When not diving in the local north Florida caves or traveling, he enjoys riding motorcycles, being on the river, and of course University of Florida football.