Dive Rite began integrating SuperFabric® materials into our product line in 2009. The first product to receive this material was our Nomad XT Sidemount System, a product that we knew would take some abuse from cave and wreck divers trying to squeeze through tight openings.

What is SuperFabric®? SuperFabric® is highly advance textile material that combines a base fabric with specially designed armored plates. Dive Rite uses a heavy weight 1200 denier nylon base material with a pattern of armored plates that maximizes abrasion resistance. The SuperFabric® combination we use has proven to be 4 times more abrasion resistant than Kevlar.

After the success that we experienced with using SuperFabric® on the Nomad XT we decided to extend it to the rest of our wings creating the XT line. Our XT wings, combined with one of our harnesses are the most abrasion and puncture resistant BCDs on the market.


Why should you care? Divers are notoriously rough on their gear. It gets tossed around the back of trucks, stuffed in over packed suitcases, and beat up on bumpy boat rides. You want to know that when you get ready to use your wing it's going to work, right? We're so confident that your XT wing protected by SuperFabric® is going to stand the test of time that we give them a Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty on the inner bladder against tears, punctures, and pinches.

Dive Rite only uses genuine SuperFabric® material licensed from Higher Dimension Materials, Inc. Every product using SuperFabric® has a sewed tag to show its authenticity. Find out more info at


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