Frequently Asked Questions


Sometimes a battery replacement can bring life back to an older computer, but not always. Some of the components may go bad. The most common is the pressure transducer (PT) that reads the depth and barometric pressure so it knows if its at sea level or altitude. Usually when the PT goes bad the computer will display error messages. These cannot be revived.
Most of the backplates today have the tank strap slots in them so the STA is not necessary but many divers like the flexibility it offers when switching from singles to doubles. The STA was designed to let divers with older bacplates without slots dive a single.
We stock replacement bladders for almost every wing produced after 2005. These bladders will have a welded flange. Prior to 2005 bladders had a two piece compression flange. To properly identify your wing and inquire about a replacement bladder, send a picture of the wing and bladder to
Visit our dealer locator to find your nearest dealer. If none are available we also provide a list of our premier online dealers, that can ship to any location.
Sorry but the 10 watt HID bulbs are no longer being manufactured. We recommend upgrading your light to one of our newer LED models.
Yes, cost is $50 and includes return domestic shipping. Email us at with your information to get a RMA number to return it.